Real Estate Management

 AMFIGES SA arises with the purpose to offer to the own customers a high quality service and nevertheless “on a human scale”.

Our company, mainly operating in the Sottoceneri, is composed of a team, nowadays, of four members under the management of two professional people having a well-grounded qualification in the trust field and in the real estate sector.

Amfiges SA offers a complete range in the real estate sector and more precisely:

  • Management of real estates and condominiums
  • Assumption of warrants of sale for the following objects: Houses - Cottages (Villas) - Flats - Estates - Business premises
  • Real estates brokerage

According and coherently to the business purpose, the choices of the objects for which we assume the warrant of sales or of management, have been previously analysed in depth in order to constantly assure to the customers both a consulting support and an offer possibility for a good qualitative standard.
Our customers are followed from the technical, legal, tax and financial point of view.

Amfiges SA in fact cooperates with partners having a high professional standard as regards the legal side and the funding search (we have contacts with the main holding companies).
We furthermore assure a whole fiscal advice including the complete drawing up and the forwarding of all relevant tax returns in case of sale (TUI declaration).